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More than 15,000 customers use Yespark every day.

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Yespark in two words

Yespark, is more than 35 000 parking spots available in 2500 parkings everywhere in Europe. We are experts in car park rental and we offer you parkings spots in more than 400 communes. 15 000 clients use our service every day and more than 9 out of 10 recommend our services.

Our car parks are located under partner residential buildings, as close as possible to your home. We are in constant contact with the owners and car park guards to guarantee you the best possible rental quality service.

At Yespark, it's your smartphone that opens the door to the parking lot. The accesses to the garage are traced, and Yespark can deactivate the parking access rights in real time and remotely, which makes it the most reliable access system in the market.

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Renting a parking spot in Paris is now easy thanks to Yespark.
You can benefit from parking in Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and all the cities in France.
Find a cheap parking spot to rent in a few minutes and close to your home.
We offer you the best car parks from our partner owners: all our car parks are underground, under secure private residences.