Vacant parkings spots?

Then you've come to the right place. With our digital parking solution we'll have your car parks filled up in no time.<br><br>We'll make sure your parking spots are profitable and at the same time we take care of the entire rental process. That means extra income without any costs or effort.<br><br><strong>The best thing about our solution?</strong><br>We rent out your parking spots on a monthly basis, and that brings many advantages!

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Vacant parking spots?
On average, 20% of the car parks in the Europe are still vacant. The rental of parking spots are often not given the needed attention.
We can take care of that.
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Would you like to save some money?
An empty parking spot is on average €1,500 of unearned revenues per year.
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We'll take care of everything for you!
Renting out a parking spot requires attention and investment.
In addition, it often brings uncertainties on which access systems to implement.
Why choose Yespark?
We offer you an innovative solution to tackle the difficulties above.
Stable revenues
Our users subscribe a monthly subscription and pay in advance. This assures you of your income.
Monthly parkings
Monthly subscribers feel responsible for their 'personal' parking spot. Because of this, the garage is handled with care.
Partner interface
Through our Partner Interface you can manage the parking lots and have full insight into the number of subscribers, income, etc.
Do you need to recuperate some parking spots under your own management? or do you have other spots you want to offer Yespark? That is possible online via the partner interface, simple and immediate.
Happy residents
Long-term parking ensures that residents become familiar with our subscribers. With Yespark there are no strangers driving in and out, and that is reassuring.
Centralised access system
A central system for all your gate logs and subscriptions. No more hassles with your different access systems.
A quick and free implementation
The implementation of Yespark is very simple. We simply plug-in our Yesbox to your current system. This has no impact on your existing systems or your current users. The implementation the plug-in Yespark is free of charge.
4 easy steps to fill your parking spots
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1. Introduction
During the introduction we discuss the parking situation and we show you how we can help.
2. Selecting the parkings
On the basis of your vacancy list, we make a selection on the parking lots and spots to work on.
3. Signing the contract
We will go over the contract together and on agreement from both sides we will sign it.
4. Implementation & activation
We install our technology and send a photographer to your parking. Activation follows immediately after.
The installation of Yespark is very simple and has not caused any difficulties to our current users. So far, the results are promising!
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Frequently asked questions
How long in average do subscribers rent a parking spot at Yespark?

A Yespark subscriber rents a parking spot for an average of 10 months.

How long does the installation of Yespark take?

The installation depends on the number of doors and the systems used. On average it takes about 2 hours per door. The installation is free of charge.

How long does it take to start working with Yespark?

That depends all on you. We are ready to go.

What type of contract does Yespark offer?

We offer a flexible contract. The residents come first and the partner stays in control of the parking spaces, which is why our contract consists of 3 levels of flexibility :
1. The contract itself is subject to monthly cancellation.
2. Parking lots can be taken back directly under own management.
3. Parking spaces can be taken back directly under our own management,

Does a tenant need a parking space?

No problem, then you can easily take the parking space back from Yespark. Everything online via our partner interface.

How much does it cost to get started with Yespark?

Nothing at all! With Yespark you'll gain more revenue, without any costs.